Welcome! We are the pack of Silent Snows, or Winterclan, a canine and feline group. We will accept any loyal member who will follow the code written at the RA (Roleplay Alliance) alongside our in-character rules. I know it seems like lot, but most average people follow them anyway. Both cats and dogs are allowed to join, as long as there is no fighting between the two.


In-Character Code 

1) Respect all animals in the pack, as they are all living, feeling creatures.

2) Loyalty is expected from all.

3) Respect allies and treat them like pack members.

4) Take life only to sustain life.

5) Protect territory and members from all threats.

Out-of-Character Rules 

1) Be kind towards others

2) No excessive drama

3) We ask that pelts contain realistic colours only (no, bloodstains are not permanent.)

4) Don't start war with other packs

5) Don't use your clothing in roleplay (cats and dogs can't use swords)

6) No head clothing items, please.

7) Cannibalism, slaughter, or the celebration/romanticization of mental illness is forbidden and will result in an immediate exile.


No one religion/belief is forced onto the dogs, as this can cause conflict. So long as your beliefs do not impact your ability to perform and follow the rules, you'll be fine.

However, it is expected that all members respect and value the lives of other canines, no matter your beliefs.


Our nametag is white, with your rank being shown by your symbol. It can be changed outside of roleplay.


We ask that for all ranks minus Pups, regular wolves are used. Pups are rabbits. This way, non-members and members have the same choice of animal. (This can differ if your breed/markings require an arctic wolf or fox)


Alpha - Leads and mediates the pack. However, pack members of all ranks (with the exception of pups) are allowed to make contributions and question judgement as long as it is respectful and fair. Their name tag symbol is a star, a nod to the original clans.

Beta - Very much similar to the leader, but more of an active role in the management of territory and organizing patrols. They cannot declare war on another group without a yes from the leader. If the leader retires or steps down, the deputy will take their place.

Spy - A dog or cat who infiltrates another clan or pack when engaged in conflict.

Fighter - A dog or cat trained to defend and protect. Usually, this is where the larger, stronger dogs are placed, but when there is little conflict, they are expected to hunt small animals during the day.

Hunter - A dog or cat who hunts at night, usually working in groups of three or four. They bring back small creatures such as fawns and large rabbits. Once every moon or two, a patrol of six or seven dogs (lead by the deputy) will head into the north snow fields and hunt a large hooved animal to bring back. After this, there is no hunting for a few days.

Dam - A female dog or cat who is nursing or expecting pups.

Pups - A dog or cat who is too young to be trained.

Apprentice - A dog or cat who is currently being trained. The training regimen can be found below.

Elder - A retired or injured dog or cat who can either look after pups in the nursery or help maintain the camp. They can sleep in either the nursery or the Fighter/Hunter den.

Deviant - A dog or cat who has broken the rules of either the RA or the pack and has not been exiled.

Current Members

Leader: Winter (Formerly named Cade)

Deputy: To be chosen

Healer: Blossom

Fighters: Bolt, Storm, Snow, Kano, Fang, Blossom

Hunters: Kani, Wolf


Dams: Chilly

Pups: Maple





The Snow Fields - The most northern point of our territory, where snow is constantly on the ground. Large, hoofed prey travel through the fields, and every few moons, a hunting party travels to catch one. This area is not particularly rigorously patrolled as the environment is so harsh. Generally, only the more northern breeds are allowed into the snow fields when not hunting.

The Misty Forest - Named after the mist that usually inhabits the woods in the mornings, these forests are usually warm and have lots of ferns and vines. Generally, hunting is performed around here, as it is the best place to hunt small deer and rabbits. The misty forest lies below the ridge the camp sits on. Most hunting training is carried out here. There is also a river that carries fish through the territory.

The Cold Pines - A thick band of pine forest that acts as a medium between the misty forest and the snow fields. These forests are usually inhabited by creatures like large foxes, coyotes and the occasional big cat or bear, so younger dogs are discouraged from entering.


Our territory is Sarepia forest, Temple of Zios and Mount Shiveer in the server Flint.


Generally, the pack of Silent Snows does not like to keep enemies. As a group allied to the RA, we ally with anyone who belongs to that alliance. However, if you are non-RA, we will still consider an alliance - just comment.

Cliff's Dog Pack


Please fill out the following form and post below. I will let you know of the results. (example)

OC Name: Winter

OC Description: A large female samoyed with long, billowing white fur and brown almond shaped eyes. Her thick layers of fur act as a barrier against both the elements and attacks.

OC Personality: Fair, levelheaded, kind and noble. She is very proud, but avoids conflict if necessary. Winter can be protective of

OC Flaws/Strengths: While some may view her as weak for not actively enjoying conflict, Winter can fight rather well and is very protective. She cannot swim well, but has intellect to rival any.

Desired Rank: Leader/Alpha

Username: scarykiwi