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Founder X
Territory X
Season X
Status X
Founding Date Friday 22, 2017
Roleplay Style X


1.Be realistic. Nobody wants a pink wolf in there saying she's the queen of the clan. Act like a wolf.

2. When you first join, you will be placed on a 3 day trial. This means if you don't roleplay within those three days without an excuse, you will be removed.

3. Activeness. You must be active for at least 3 days. You are no better than anyone else, so why should we treat you better than everyone else and give more time? If you are grounded but removed, tell us! If you need to go somewhere and will not make it, tell us! We have all the time in the world to listen!

4. Seriousness. No one wants a goofball. Though it is fun to be funny, we much rather deep roleplay.

5. Respect and follow the warrior code. Though this is for wolves, the warrior code has good meanings behind it and is a great guideline.

Tick/Flea Hunting

This is usually reserved for trainees who speak rudely to their elders or disobey a direct, serious order from their trainer. The trainee is ordered to go around camp and look over every nook, cranny and pelt for ticks and fleas - an annoying job requiring a lot of crouching and squinting, not to mention some of the crankier wolves not wanting an trainee mussing their fur. This punishment lasts throughout the day, or until the trainee finds nine or more fleas and ticks. They are not allowed to leave camp until their punishment is over.

Trainee Duties

Reserved for Midclass ranks, particularly the young and cocky wolves who sneak around without permission near The Pack of Darkened Waters, start fights, or sneak a meal before returning to camp with their prey (in the plentiful seasons). The midclass wolf is moved into the trainee's den for one to four days, depending on their crime, and work alongside the trainee to take care of the retirees, bring in bedding, and feed the mothers (that latter of which never goes well). While these duties aren’t exactly shameful, it is embarrassing for the Midclass to go back so far,, who will refer to them with the Little- in front of their name until their punishment is over. They will also be escorted around the territory by a senior midclass wolf, who is likely quite irritated with being taken off of important work and unafraid to let the younger wolf know.

Meal Revocation

Usually dealt to wolves who keep eating before feeding the elders and queens, shirk their duties or break one of the Border Laws. The midclass will go without one or two meals, only skipping an entire night when they really pushed the code. They will stay in camp or be followed by another wolves to ensure that they don’t eat for the duration of their punishment. This is a pretty heavy penalty for wolf who are a breath away from starvation day in and day out.

Camp Confinement

Those who start relationships with a neighboring Pack Wolf, are discovered hanging out with loners, or eat from caged bowls during the plentiful seasons are restricted to staying in camp for nine days. The wolf will usually be ignored or glared at by their packmates, as they have broken the trust and loyalty that their Pack gives to and expects of them. They will be monitored by another wolf and forced to go without a meal if caught trying to sneak out.


In the event that a wolf does one of the actions mentioned above and causes grief instead of anger (someone dies or gets severely hurt, for example), the wolf will be avoided and chased away from their friends and family for the same amount of time (nine days). They cannot enter camp and must find a nest outside for themselves. They will be watched, of course, to make sure that they don’t cross the border, but on the whole, they are alone. This is considered even worse than being openly glared at, because at least then you’re getting some attention. The Pack wolves are very social, and to be forcibly alienated from those they love is torture.

Name Erasure and Exile

This is the worst possible punishment for a living wolf, reserved for traitors and criminals whose plans could have killed someone (or were intending to). The alpha will forcibly erase the wolf's name and declare them dead to the Clan before a patrol chases the wolf out of the territory, with the order to kill them should they try to return. The wolf will never be discussed or mentioned by name again, and if brought up by The Pack of Darkened Waters, will be referred to as “the loner” in past tense. It works just fine - since we are suited only to living in groups, the wolf might as well be dead anyway. Without their rank being honored by their family, they are refused from entry into our moon.


This is a punishment rarely seen within the pack, simply because it requires rage and brutality brought on only by the most severe crimes. Murderers and attempted murderers are executed without a second thought by being led out of camp and torn apart by their former friends after the Alpha removes their name like in exiling. The mangled body is then unceremoniously dragged away and dumped outside of the territories for foxes and buzzards to take care of. This is a brutal punishment, retribution of the highest degree, and it means that your spirit will be chased away from our moon into bright, blinding places that no wolf dares to think about. Your afterlife will be a literal hell on earth.



Winter- Ice-Freeze

Spring- Melting-Freeze


Fall- Growing-Freeze

North- Bright Star

East- Sunset

South- Moon High

West- Sunrise

Hell- Bright Land

Heven- The Moon

Head- Flower Crown, Gazelle Horns, Spring Flower Crown, Head Flower, Freedom Flower Crown, Fox Hat, Nothing *If you want to add something notify me!*

Neck- Spiked Collar, Studded Collar, Jamaalliday Scarf, Chain Necklace, Leaf Necklace, Pinecone Necklace, Jamaaliday Scarf, Nothing

Body- Elf Armor, Spartan Armor, Worn Blanket, Jamaaliday Bow, Worn Blanket, Pirate Sword, Nothing

Tail- Elf Armor, Nothing

Legs- Elf Bracelet, Leaf Wristband, Spiked Wristband, Legendary Glove, Glove, Freedom Leg Armor, Nothing

Our wolves are skilled in battle and howling. We live in a dark forest that is nearly muted. From when we were born pups, we are detirmined to be the best wolf in the forest. No one can be more loyal than our pack