The moon shines down on your pelt, casting a silver tint. You walk through the forest and although no one is there, you feel eyes watching your every move. You come across a clearing, the moon shines down directly in the center of the clearing. Suddenly a beautiful silver dog with glowing blue eyes steps forward. You feel speechless and shrink down spaller then you already are. The muscular dog towers over you, her blue eyes gazing into your own. "Welcome to the Pack of Eclipse Shadows" She asks in a soft voice. You look up at her and a smile starts to form on your moon lit face. Dogs gather behind the silver female. "I am Sienna"

Rules and Punishments

-Obey your leader=May be banned

-Respect your pack-mates=Only crowfood for 2 days

-Don't harm your any of your pack-mates=Exile or a nasty scar

-Don't leave a struggling pup to die=Exile


Alpha's-The two mates of the pack. Lead the pack and usually are the first to eat, battle and drink.

Beta-Deputy of the pack, second in rank and in charge. Alpha's substitute.

Spies-Dogs that go out and spy on other packs to get information

Hunters-Hunt for the pack

Fighters-Guard and fight in battles for the pack

To-be's-Hunters or Fighters in training

Guards-Guard the entrance, the nursery, and the alphas.

Healers-A dog who collects herbs to heal sick and injured dogs.

Queens-Mothers of the pups, sleep in the nursery and care for pups until they are to-be's

Elders-Oldest dogs of the pack, retired hunters or fighters


Alpha's- Sienna-Madeline20529

Beta- Fox-Mylifeislazyforlove









Headfurs: Humans

Crow heart: Heartless

Mousers: Cats

Flufpelts: Dogs who are cared by Headfurs

Pack News

December 2-Pack of Eclipse Shadows asks to ally with Pack of Silent Snows

December 12-Fox joins pack as Beta


Server: Kama

Red Valley=Coral Canyons

Shiver Mountains=Mt. Shiveer

Evergreen Forest=Sepia Forest

Den owner-Madelin20529

Allies and Enemies

Allies: None yet

Enemies: None yet


What to wear:

Jamiday bows, Bow and Arrows, Swords, Elf Armor, Elf braces, Leaf Armor, Leaf Necklace, Spikes, Flowers, Skulls, Fox Hats, Elf tail armor. If not named ask me

Pelt colors:

Normal dog colors, no yellow, pink, purple, blue, green. Eyes can be pretty much any color

Name Tags: Purple



Thank Pack of Endless Stars-Thank dead cats by circling their graves with flowers and stones with carved claw marks

White grasses- Winter festive with prey and sharing tounges

Flower peek-Festive parties with tons of prey

How to Join


Your name

Your username

Your history


Your wished rank

How to Ally


Your leader name

Your pack name

Your username


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