Forword: Birdstar Speaks

"Hello kitty. You're far from home. I'm Birdstar; sit down, rest a bit, its a long walk home, I'll even tell you a story to pass the time." A tom mewed, though all you could see was the outline of his pelt and his amber orbs staring at you. You lay down to rest you'd been running away trying to get out of this dim lit forest till you found you ran into a cave that sloped down to a pool where this cat lurked."Now as i said before, my name is Birdstar and I'm going to tell you a story," he mewed, "I'll tell you a story about myself from when I opened my eyes in this world, till the day i died and got chased out of StarClan to here, The Place of No Stars"


  Leader- Moonstar- Pure white she-cat, green orbs

  Deputy- Ravenflight- Black/Purpleish tom blueish spots, dark blue orbs

  Med-Cat- Hawkwing- black tom with brown chest and mitts. icy blue orbs


' ' Bearwind- Brown tom with black mitts, Long legged, yellow orbs

  Hollyflare- Black she-cat with red stripes, red orbs

  Hawkclaw- Brown tom with black stripes and black mitts, hawklike claws, amber orbs

  Sunwing- Pale tabby tom slightly darker stripes

  Vineleaf- Red-black-red tabby she-cat, Brown orbs

  Batscar- Dark brown and black tom, red orbs

  Talonstep- Grey tabby tom, Misty blue orbs

  Goldtail- Ginger she-cat darker ginger tail, light sand colored orbs

  Swanfoot- Black and brown tabby shecat with white mitts, light green orbs

  Cyanstripe- Grey tom with paler grey undercoat, cyan stripes, purple orbs

  Bluefury- Pure black tom, blue orbs


   Eaglestripe- Brown and black shecat, with white mitts, amber orbs

   Fawnspot- light brown shecat with white spots, dark green orbs

    Lighttail- Pale sand colored tabby shecat light brown mitts and chest with black stripes, orange orbs

    Windwhisker- Black shecat with light sand colored undercoat black spots, orange orbs

    Maplefur- Calico, yellow/green orbs



Chapter One: Seeing the world

It was leaf-bare, Prey was hard to find, but to day was my mother's kitting day, the day that me, my brother and two sisters were born. A few days later I opened my eyes they were a amber color like my mother's, Maplefur,but I got my father's, Bluefury's, pelt color, black. Nightkit also got our father's black pelt, but he also got our father's blue eyes, Cinderkit and Shadekit were both Calicos like our mother, Cinderkit had more black on her and Shadekit was more white. Both my sisters' eyes were open before mine, Nightkit was still asleep, Cinderkit and Shadekit were playfighting so I explored the Nursery abit. No cat was up so i didn't wake anyone else up. After exploring I went back to sleep.

Chapter Two: Moonstar

A Moon Passed and two of my Denmates, Creamkit and Pepplekit, were Becoming Apperntices Today, After Sunhigh I heard Moonstar call a meeting " Let All Cats Old Enough To Catch Their Own Prey Gather Here, At The Moon Rock" Moonstar Yowled, I bolted out of the Nursery to see what was happening, My littermates joined me. I watched Creamkit, a Cream-colored tom with a red nose and tail tip, and Pepplekit, a Pale grey She kit, Be come 'Paws. "Creamkit, Pepplekit you both have rectched you sixth moon and its time you become apperntices, so from this moment on, till you earn your warrior name you will be know as Creampaw and Pepplepaw" Moonstar mewed "Creampaw your mentor will be Bearwind, Bearwind you are brave and fast I hope you teach  all you can to Creampaw" I watched as a brown-colored Warrior came foreword and touched noses with Creampaw. "Pepplepaw your mentor will be Hollyflare, Hollyflare I hope you teach all you have learned to Pepplepaw" a Black and white She-Cat Steped forword and touched noses with Pepplepaw, and lead her away to the outer rim of cats. Moonstar jumped down from the Moonrock signaling that the meeting was over. I bolted back into the Nursery and jumped on one of my Denmates that had stayed inside. Eaglekit, a brown and white tom, rolled over crushing me.

Chapter Three: Apprenticeship

It was Green-leaf now, and many moons had passed, and it was my apprenticeship day, my brother and sisters were already waiting but Maplefur was fussing over my messy pelt. When Moonstar called the meeting my mother, sisters, brother and I walked out of the Nursery and to the Moonrock. Cinderkit and Shadekit were on one side of my Mother and Nightkit and I were on the other. I looked at my father and he looked like this was just another apprenticeship meeting. "Shadekit, Cinderkit, Nightkit and Birdkit you have made it to your sixth moon, From this moment on till your earn your warrior names you will be known as Shadepaw, Cinderpaw, Nightpaw and Birdpaw." Moonstar mewed "Shadepaw, your mentor will be Batscar, Cinderpaw your mentor will be Vineleaf. Nightpaw, your mentor will be Hawkclaw and Birdpaw, your mentor will be Sunwing" I touched noses with Sunwing, Sunwing was a well respected warrior, but I had wanted Hawkclaw because he was the best fighter in the Clan and he had Hawklike Claws. "Too bad" I thought to myself. "Looks like my days as the strongest in the Nursery are over!"

Chapter Four: First Fight!!!!

It was Two moons after I had become an apprentice, I was on Patrol with Hawkclaw, Sunwing and Nightpaw. We had found BreezeClan scents in our territory and met many warriors of BreezeClan trying to take Sunrocks! "What do you want?" Hawkclaw snarled at them, the BreezeClan warrior said nothing and just attacked, a bracken colored shecat clawed my flank, so I ran at her and scratched her shoulder and flank then whiping around to she her charge at me, I triped her over and Scratched her underbelly. Jumping away as she lunged back to her territroy I spotted many warriors fighting Hawkclaw and Sunwing, I leap at the most closest warrior and land on its back, I clawed down its spine and leaped upword before the cat rolled over on its back. Once I landed I scratch there belly, little am I awere of the cat running at me, he hits me off the other warrior and pounces on me. He bites into my shoulder and scratches my flank, then Cyanstripe and his patrol burst out of the trees and help fight BreezeClan warriors. In the toms confusion I ram him into a tree. Soon Moonstar and more warriors entered the fight, and it was over.